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This grave that is surrounded by a wrought iron fence is part of the family cemetery. This fence was probably made by the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond after it coverted from building cannons to wrought iron architecture.

Historical records indicate that both Union and Confederate soldiers lost in the action at Wilson's Landing were buried near the fortification, though Federal soldiers were later reinterred at Glendale National Cemetery. A few graves have been found here, but there is no evidence of hasty battlefield burial. The graves are most likely part of family cemeteries belonging to early occupants of the property. There is also evidence that this area was used in the colonial period for building.

William M. Petit's gravestone.

The grave marker seen today was erected in the 20th century in memorial to William M. Pettit, a Confederate soldier, however there is no evidence that he ever saw action at Wilson's Landing.

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